#309, Opella, Muruthagahamula,
Gelioya, Sri Lanka

Our Programs

Visiting Staff

Qualified Therapists of local hospitals visit ANC once a month. Such as Physiotherapist, Occupational therapists, Speech therapists and music therapists. They conduct teacher and parent training programs for our staff.

Early Detection and Intervention (Age Group 2 months and above)

Early detection and intervention can enhance the development of children with disabilities to reach their full potential. Every child has an individual program which made by a team which is consist of a doctor, teachers and therapist. The program includes

  • Physiotherapy
  • Occounal therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Parent counselling
  • Parent training

Day School (Age group 6 years to 16 years)

Every child has an IEP (Individual Educational Program) which is made by a team consist of a doctor, teachers and therapist. After individual assessment which helps the child to develop according to their level and ability. IEP Includes :

  • Class room based activities
  • Indoor activities
  • Out door activities
  • Therapies

Once child improves, we gradullay move them to formal curriculum.

Vocational Training (Age group above 16 years)

We are providing variety of vocational training activities such as cooking, stitching, gardening, Art and Craft. Practical curriculum also covers money concepts and time concept.